18 Feb 2017

book for granted

Last Sunday, after our annual vestry meeting, I went to the bookstore and bought a book.
(To those who know me: yes, ONE book. Only one.)
It's a novel, something to pass the time away with.
But it's also so much more. It's proof of my privilege, in paperback form.
Any number of things that I could take for granted happened in my acquisition of this book:
I can read - which means I have the education to not just see but comprehend the plot sufficiently to appreciate the storyline.
I have time for leisure and safe place to be, to read said book.
I have the means to go to the store and get home again.
I have disposable income to purchase this book - which means I have paid my bills and have food in the cupboard. (Hey, we all have some debt, but I was able to comfortably hand over the cash for a non-necessity).

It was a good book, a fun read, a delightful thought-provoking post-vestry treat for myself.
It inspired me to think about how much I might take for granted the reading of another book - the Bible.
I have, not surprisingly, several copies of the bible at my home; at least one in the car, several more in my office. How extraordinary a resource that I would own multiple copies in multiple languages and translations!
How truly wondrous that the Word of God is accessible to me anytime day or night; to read, to study, to pray through.
And yet: so many people take it for granted (including myself, some days!). We choose to ignore the bible, to read something else instead, to presume that because they read the scriptures once that there is nothing new to be learned form it.
Yet this vibrant book is waiting to be opened anew: every day we have the privilege of delving into the mystery of God's Holy Word to be inspired, comforted, encouraged, embraced, loved, welcomed, energised... the possibilities are endless: if we are willing to crack the cover and let God's revelation to the world wash over us.
We can read. We can understand. We can learn. We can delight in the Holy Wisdom that is more accessible to us now than ever before. 
Reading the bible, however, is a choice that we make. We have the option before us every day; I pray we prioritise it and delight in it, not take it for granted like any other book.

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  1. How true. We in Canada and in the English-speaking Western world are very privileged to have so many translations of the Bible available to us, yet, so many (far too many) in our part of the world are biblically illiterate. Don't know if you do this, however you may consider it if you haven't--the Canadian Bible Society has a pamphlet with a list of biblical passages for every day of the year. Shalom.