1 Apr 2017

A Bold Post

            When I was in New York, there were times when I was feeling rather bold.    Admittedly, I'm not a shy person: however during my time away I started conversations I might not have otherwise started, including learning more about global situations, sharing Canadian and Anglican realities, and offering possibilities for collaborative future efforts.
            Part of it may have been that as I was away from home, I was somewhat anonymous. Part of it may have been that I was feeling empowered by the influence of my sisters at an amazing experience. Part of it may have been that in an intense situation, with limited time, I was living a now-or-never reality.
            Whatever it was, it was good. And it came home with me.
            This boldness was just that: bold. I was not rude or mean, I was not impolite, I was not inappropriate or brazen.
            It was also not about my own personal gain: rather, my lack of subtlety had more to do with matters of justice and peace-building, of dignity and basic rights. In faith terms, it had to do with my best efforts to make the Gospel a living reality in my work.
            If I hadn't spoken up, some of the conversations that were quite fruitful may not have otherwise happened. Meetings with political movers-and-shakers, and networking with like-minded people may not have happened. I was determined to get the very most out of every moment of the remarkable opportunity I was afforded.
            This boldness came in a number of areas: a commitment to gender equality, a determination to denounce violence, support for interfaith dialogue, a desire to learn more about global issues of social injustice (such as human trafficking, indigenous rights, humanitarian relief needs, &c.) It is a boldness that challenges me to continue, from my current position of abundance, to speak truth to power, no matter how inconvenient or uncomfortable.
            My boldness came from an understanding that the work I was doing - and continue to do - gives glory to God, builds the Kingdom, and shares the faith. This boldness grows out of my faith, and my desire to express that faith as fully and completely as possible. I feel we should all exercise our ministries and witness with boldness, demonstrating the Goodness of God active in our lives. I hope we all live in such a way that, not unlike Paul on Malta, the world will see through our actions that we are "proclaiming the kingdom of God and teaching about the Lord Jesus Christ with all boldness and without hindrance." (Acts 28.31)

A bold statement from the Anglican Communion Delegates can be found at http://iawn.anglicancommunion.org/media/289039/CSW61-Anglican-delegation-statement-to-ACC.pdf

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