10 Jun 2017

Bloom Where You're Planted

            I live in a community with a climate where just about anything that is planted has the potential to thrive. "Bloom where you're planted" could have been first written here.

            My garden blooms tend to be pragmatic: vegetables, herbs, and in the corner nearest where I write, my old black lab daily 'plants' himself in the same corner of one of the flowerbeds, having first dug around to make sure the dirt is to his liking. I've noticed much about this habit:
       1. He rests in the garden, and comes out refreshed (and ready to play!)
       2. He is aware of his surroundings, careful to dig in only that one corner and not to disturb the daylilies in the opposite corner; he doesn't try to overtake the rest of the space.
       3. He has neither clue nor care if I may have wanted to plant something there.
       4. He prevents growth (weeds) growing in that space.
       5. He was confused to find my other dog in there one day this week, but took it in stride and went to another place to lay down.

            My dog-as-plant offers much for reflective prayer:
       1. May we all find a place of spiritual rest and repose, that will be simple and accessible.
       2. May we all know where we are, and where others are, complementing one another's ministrations.
       3. May we intentionally collaborate with our communities in our shared ministry.
       4. May our efforts prevent invasive negativity.
       5. May we not be so beholden to one pew or one building that we miss seeing new opportunities to build the kingdom of God.
Photo by Sarah F.
Used with permission

            Furthermore, I pray that we may be inspired by whatever soil we find ourselves planted in. 
       May we bloom where we are, when we have been comfortable there for many a season. 
       May we bloom when we feel transplanted, experiencing change as a potential for new growth. 
       May we accept that not every soil supports every plant. 
      And may we recognise that sometimes our unplanted flowers provide play space for inquisitive and discerning hearts and minds.

       May our spiritual gardens be full of exactly what God intends to grow.

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