16 Sep 2017

First Day Photos

Screengrab of image search for "first day of school reusable board"
     Like so many others, I had my first day of school this week.
     I did the maths - it's my 32nd 'first day of school'.  (Life-long-learner is an understatement!) I refrained from taking a photo of myself, bookbag in one hand, info board in the other. (Height: tall, taller in heels. Weight: not telling. Favourite drink: coffee.)
     I found it interesting that these types of photos popped up all over my social media feeds - lots of information about an individual, marking a significant day. (Even after 32 years, I think a 'first day of school' is significant!) We want to acknowledge these days and remember them, how we were/are at that moment in time.
     It made me wonder how we recognise and chronicle significant dates in our Christian education and faith nurture.
     Do we remember the date of our baptism? Did we keep the certificate? What about our confirmation? Re-affirmations? Ordinations (confession: this year I celebrated my ordination anniversary with cupcakes - having forgotten my own birthday! Priorities!)
     What about our more individual but not-less significant dates? Do we remember the first time we committed ourselves to being a Christian? The first time we challenged our faith? The first time we doubted - and when we returned? What compelled us to leave a church community, or to join one? What evoked in us a desire to remain in the church year after year, and what inspired us to ministry in our unique calling?
     Maybe we do, maybe we don't. However, these are all 'first day' events, no less important in our journey than the first day of school is in our education.
     We recognise the beauty of a series of firsts for our schooling in culture and society; I wonder what witness could be experienced if we celebrated such firsts in our life-long Christian eduation.
     Maybe I'll take a picture of the 'first day of book study, 2017' when it starts next week - a day to cherish somewhere down the road!

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