23 Dec 2017

Taking The Show On The Road

Photo by Ceinturion. In the Public Domain
Twice last week, the parish choir was invited to 'take the show on the road!'
            The first was by participating in a local 'lantern walk' where different groups sing a few carols as folks gradually journey throughout the community.
            The second time was singing carols at a local grocery store, at the invitation of the manager; for an hour, as people entered the shop, they were serenaded with Christmas songs and carols as a staff person handed out candy canes.
            Now, our choir is small, with big hearts and a love of church and music, but the record deals have not been forthcoming (yet!).
            The important thing, however, was the delightful fun of participating in the broader community.
            The lantern walk is now an annual tradition, and brings together a large number of people from the area, with the intentional of being community.
            The grocery store had never before had a choir sing, but based on the smiles, "Merry Christmas!"es, and additional singing, they have already asked us to return next year.
            The choir is just a small group of volunteers from the church. But they are also, as demonstrated this week, folks who are actively interested in taking the joy of our Christian community outside of our own four walls.

            What a great ministry they offer on Sundays and Holy Days; what a great ministry they offer to the broader community. I'm imagining what further ministries might be done beyond our four walls - the sky's the limit!

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