13 Mar 2018

Is it About You, or Is it About the Common Good? UNCSW62 blog 5

            Being part of a large and diverse delegation is a beautiful opportunity. The Anglican Communion Delegation is comprises 20 women from every corner of the globe. We are possibly the most diverse delegation here at the CSW; representing Australia, Botswana, Canada, Central Africa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, England, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Macau, Mexico, New Zealand, USA, Scotland, the Seychelles, Sudan, Tanzania, and Wales. We are clergy, youth workers, students, entrepreneurs, ministry developers, lawyers, government officials, nurses. We are feminists, activists, strong Christian women who have come together, in faith, to learn how we might best respond to the challenges of women and girls who live in rural areas.
            As the delegation, we are here collectively, to be and celebrate and witness to the body of Christ. We are here to contribute in real and important ways to the common good; and discern ways to bring this common good back home with us. While we bring our own perspectives and contexts, we strongly carry the privilege and honour of being the Anglican Communion Delegation. 
            Part of the experience of being such a diverse delegation is the intentionality with which we come together. In a few short days, we have found ways to communicate across languages and jet lag. We've been using social media like Facebook and What'sApp to connect with one another, meeting up to attend sessions together, offering insights to the best places to eat, even planning an impromptu birthday party! We have come together in life-changing ways that deeply embraces what it means to be community.
            And so it is about the Common Good - as our rural specialist stated as she led a parallel session today on community governance. It is about the common good, as we shared our experiences of the Town Hall meeting with the UN Secretary-General. It is about the common good as our afternoon sessions focused on empowerment of women and girls in a variety of contexts. It is about the common good as we collected to hear about women engaging religious leaders to promote gender quality.

            It is not about any one of us singularly: if anyone was here for that purpose, they'd be in the wrong delegation. It is about the common good; because we really are stronger together, empowered and inspired and engaged in the work of being the worldwide church. And with 10 full days left, the possibility of our collective sisterhood is astonishing. We are here for the common good - thanks be to God!

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