13 Jul 2019

Prayer for the Broken-Hearted

"Broken Heart" CC BY 2.0 by David Goehring (Flickr)

     We crumble, O Lord, at the denial of justice, and the rejection of rights. We are crushed by the burden of apathy and inequality. From our darkness, Lord, we pray.
     We pray in words, spoken from our lips and whispered in our hearts: in our crying for justice, our pleading for unity, and our keening for love.
     We pray in quietness: in our stunned silence, our audible anguish, and our noiseless numbness.
     Intercede for us, Holy Spirit, with your sighs too deep for words: for we live in a world where words are weapons, cutting through the love-lines that connect our bodies and souls.
     Sit with us, holy comforter, as we acknowledge the fullness of devastation of our broken heart. Keep us aware of your presence when we feel that fear has triumphed over hope.
Show us your perfect peace, stronger than anything that this world can give; more powerful than any hurt this world can inflict.

     And then help us, dear Christ, to stand again. Direct us, in our grief, to avoid blaming and shaming, to refuse to giving up. Help us to stand, and commence the journey from bleakness to light and life.
     Remind us of this pain when we encounter others, that we may be gracious to their suffering.
     Help us to use the strength of our sorrow to inspire us in service.
     Show us, individually and together, how to release our disappointment and anger; that we may begin to piece back together our shattered hearts and shaken faiths.
     Encourage us to strive for the dignity of all human beings, to seek and serve You in every way, to forgive, and to journey as Your beloved.
     For you are our God; we praise you, we need you, we trust in you, we come to you. Heal us, make us whole, show us how to love again. 

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