14 Mar 2017

Snow Day!

            Today the unthinkable happened... Manhattan shut down. The city shut down. Because of snow.
            Well, mostly for fear of snow; we learned Monday night that Tuesday was to be a snow day - even the UN was closing!
            Our group went into plans B and C and D. And, it was a GREAT day.
            We rested in the morning, which provided additional space for our long-distance travellers to acclimatise to this time zone.
            In the afternoon, we made arrangements so that a parallel session by ACO delegates on South Sudanese women of faith building pace and economic empowerment was run out of the hotel we're in, instead of canceling it altogether.
            We found a local restaurant that was open, and enjoyed a fabulous evening together, literally breaking bread with one another.
            And - we played. There were some of our delegation who had never before seen snow... so they went outside for pictures. Some had a snowball fight. Some dared to schlepp through the sleet (though not very far!).
            And that is what sisterhood looks like: finding ways to make the best out of whatever situation life provides. Seeking moments of joy in new experiences. Spending time with one another creating deeper relationship, such that when support is needed we already have trusted friends and allies on whom we might depend. Making space to pray together, to celebrate that we are all one in God's family.

            It was a snow day: we honoured the day; we honoured the opportunity; we honoured one another. 

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