21 Mar 2017

Such a Time As This

The Feast of Esther (Feest van Esther, 1625)
Jan Lievens.
            What is your passion? Right now, at this moment, what inspires you? What encourages you? What empowers you to take action in the world?
            Today I had privilege to hear Presiding Bishop Michael Curry preach at a special Eucharist at the Chapel of Christ the Lord at The Episcopal Church offices. He passionately retold us the story of Esther, and connected the message to the work of the UNCSW.
            His message (and mannerisms!) were energising: commencing with the basic framework of being a child of God. We are all made in God's image, he said, male and female, God created us. On equality, Curry said "God didn't create some with a little bit more, and some with less... God made us all in His [sic] image."
            Then he detailed how God worked through Esther, however unlikely, to bring about change for God's people living through inequitable and oppressive situations.
            Esther's passion was to serve God and save her people. Michael Curry's passion is to preach the Good News of God. The CSW's passion is the work for gender equity and justice.
            So again I ask - what is your passion?
            And once identified and articulated, what are you doing about it? What real actions are you taking to make your passion a reality? How are you persisting in your mission and ministry? What fears are you facing and overcoming to engage that passion in meaningful ways?
            Admittedly, it is not always easy - even Esther wanted to maintain the (favourable to her) status quo; but was willing to do the right thing, at the right time, for the love of God.
            Bearing that in mind, I pray. I pray for timely discernment as individuals and as communities. I pray that we might all find our passion for living the Good News of God. I pray we might all be spurred into action to bring justice and peace into this world. I pray that we might all celebrate God's power working in and through us to bring about God's kingdom.
            I pray that we all might be Esther, empowered and encouraged to bring to fruition the promise of God's salvation, here and now, to a hurting world.

            So arise, Esther. Perhaps you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this.

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