2 Jan 2017

Blank Page

"Wunschzettel" Some rights reserved (CC BY) by Jens Friedberger www.elementarpixel.de Soured from Flickr.This week, I sat down a few times to write this blog. I do this every week—sometimes inspiration comes quickly, sometimes it takes its time. Sometimes wise friends recommend cookies and tea (always a good idea!).
But this week, nothing came. I prayed, I waited, I read, and I still had a blank page. I got frustrated—I’m a writer, after all—blank pages aren’t meant to happen!
But then I came to be okay with the blank page.
My world is full of to-do lists and ringing phones and 24/7 emails; it’s vestry reports and sermon notes and shopping lists and Lenten Resources. It’s home communions and gym appointments and lunches with friends and submission deadlines.
It’s a busy place, which I love, full of laughter and love and grace; it’s a place where blank pages aren’t common (or welcome!).
But this week, a blank page is perfect. It’s a reminder that I am still me, even when I am not producing anything, or scheduling an appointment, or planning a dog play-date, or…
A blank page is just BEing.
“Be still and know that I am God” has to start with being still – and this week that stillness looked like a blank page.
By God, it’s BEautiful.

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